Ship seller info

If you have direct ship(s) for sale we can add them on our website, free of charge. Agreed commission will be charged when a ship is sold. We will also circulate your ship or purchase requirements to buyers, friends and colleagues in the shipping community.
We prefer to act as exclusive brokers for the sale of your vessel. At least for a certain period, or joint exclusive with one broker.

When sending proposals of direct ships that you want to sell, please send as a minimum:
-Vessel’s name
-Detailed description of the vessel (incl. t/c description dry cargo, Q88 tankers)
-Recent photos. Write date when taken
-Asking price
-Next SS & DD due date
-Last annual surveys completed, date
-Present trading area
-When delivery can be given and in which area
-Confirmation that you are owner or owner’s direct broker
The more information you send, the easier it is for us to sell the vessel.

Proposals without above information will not be considered as we want to give our clients the best possible service
If seller wishes, we are not giving the prospective buyer vessel’s name before they have shown serious interest in it.

Direct buyers and direct sellers, or exclusive brokers are handled with priority.
We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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