Ownership of vessels to be registered

Registration of a vessel upon the Cook Islands Ships Registry is governed by the Ship Registration Act 2007; vessel ownership requirements state that a ship is or will be owned (in the majority of shares) by, or on a demise charter to, a ”qualified person.”  This is defined as a person who is resident in the Cook Islands; or an entity which:

  • Is incorporated in the Cook Islands;
  • An existing international company registered in the Cook Islands;

Both such corporate entities are exempt from taxation in Cook Islands

Or the Company owning the vessel is member of:

  1. For yachts Cook Islands Yacht Squadron – CIYS
  2. For other vessels Cook Islands Ship Owners Association – CISOA

Cook Islands Ship Owners Association

The easiest and fastest way to fulfil ownership requirements is via the Cook Islands Ship Owners Association (CISOA). A member of the association is a qualified person in accordance with s2 the Cook Islands Ship Registration Act.

Members of CISOA are eligible to have their vessels registered in the Cook Islands without having to register a company in the Cook Islands. A member may be an individual, existing company registered in another country, or a trust.

Application Form is to be completed at the at tyhe time of ship registration application.

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