P/E General cargo Below 10,000 Dwt purchase

European buyers for below:

Gearless singeldecker. Try se-river type
Dwt: 2000-3500 about
Cargo hold: Boxed, try box type
Built: Preferably not earlier than 1985. For very good vessel, try a few years older
Main engine total power minimum 1000 bhp/ 735 kW
Minimum 6 months to next DD
Price: Up to USD 1 million

Singeldecker, gearless
Dwt: 3500-4500
Built: 1985>
Minimum 6 months to next DD
Price up to USD 1,8 million

Singeldecker, gearless ”normal” or sea-river type
Dwt: 1200-2000
Built: 1975>
Minimum 6 months to next DD
Price up to USD 1,0 million

Propose close ship(s) matching above with good description and:
-Ship Name
-IMO No.
-Class Name and next SS & DD
-Asking price/price ideas
-Location and date(s) for inspection the coming 3-4 weeks
Only those proposals with above info will be considered/replied to

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