Dry cargo Below 10,000 Dwt p/e’s

Direct buyers to whom we sold a ship last year are ready for a quick deal:
Ro-Lo / Ro-Ro with cranes
Dwt 2500+
Built: 1980+ Try a few years older if in decent condition
Cranes: minimum 2 x 30 ts each. Must be possible to use combined
Class: IACS member only. Next SS & DD preferably 1 year from purchase, but min 6 months
Bow thruster
Price: Preferably up to USD 850,00 Try somewhat more, or over 1 mill with bbhp

MPP suitable for containers, not celled
TEU capacity minimum 200
Dwt 3000 +
Class IACS member only Next DD minimum 6 months from delivery
Built 1983 +
Cargo cranes minimum 2 x 30 ts each. Must be able to use combined
Bow Thruster
Price up to USD 800,000

Self-unloader with excavator
Dwt abt 2000-3000
Built 1980s ok
In good trading condition and in class
Price up to EUR 700,000 Higher with bbhp option

Dwt: 1500-2500
Cargo gear: Preferably 30 ts, try 25
Built: 1995+
Price: Up to EUR 2 million

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