Ship buyers Info

If you are a buyer that we have not worked with before, we prefer following information in order to proceed with your request: Your name and position in the company. Name, address and contact details of your company. Your www. If not available, short background information of your company and its activities.
Does your company presently own or operate ships, or have you done that in the past? If yes, send names and IMO numbers. This info will be reuested by seller before sending complete ship info.

About your purchase enquiry:
Full details of your requirement, incl. max age, max price, any restrictions, special requirements, time of delivery… 

We receive daily so many p/e’s, from “not so serious” persons that we need to ensure with whom we are dealing. We are sure that as a serious person/company you understand this. These are also requirements from most owners/seller. They want us, as their brokers, to ensure that the buyers we “bring” to them are serious and do not waste their time.
This way we are also not wasting your time. Without required information, we cannot handle your request.

All information sent to us is kept strictly confidential and not revealed to anybody without your permission.

Please let us know what you are looking for, we probably know where to find it. We are looking forward to hearing from you.


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