Our direct clients, established large company, are ready to purchase soonest:
Bitumen /Asphalt tanker
Dwt 2000-4500 abt
Built 1995-
– Chinese built are unfortunately not considered –
Finances ready for a quick deal. Price up to USD 5 million.
Inspection and delivery preferably Arabian Sea/Persian Gulf area, but try also other location


Serious buyers with money ”in hand” ready for a quick purchase
Tanker (for gasoil)
Dwt 3000 + with max draft of 6 m
Built 1980s, try late 1970s
Good trading condition
Max price EUR 600,000


Please send off market/not officially for sale/private candidates. All will be treated P&C and only give to this specific client.
Direct serious clients looking to purchase:
Type: Oil tanker to be used for bunkering operations
Dwt: 4500-6500
Built: About 2000-2005 Preferably in Japan, Korea, Singapore, but try other
Class: IACS member
Tanks: Coated; No coils needed
Pumps: Minimum 2 screw type with capacity of minimum 700 ts/h each. Try somewhat less
Bow thruster
Hose handling crane minimum 2 ts
Price up to max USD 4,8 million

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