Rescue vessel for sale SOLD

Research vessel (Ref RV1980)
Built: 1980 Norway
Class: DNV-GL 1A1 Stern Trawler, E0. Next SS/DD 2022/06
GT: 699/497 Dual GT, non-SOLAS
NT: 209
Dimensions: Loa 47.24 Lbp 41.28 Beam 10.3 Draft 5.0 m
Deck area: 140 sqm for cargo/containers
Karm winches: 2 x trawl winch with space for 24 mm, 1500 mm wire
Rapp Hydema winches
Lifting gear: 1 x Hydralift 3 ton at 7 m; 2 x Palfinger 1 ton; 1 x Provision crane 2 ton
Dry laboratory;Wet Laboratory; Instrument room; Office
Accommodation: 25 beds in 20 cabins
Messroom with 18 seats at tables
Lounge with 12 seats
Galley, large, most stainless steel
Main engine: Normo Bergen Diesel LDM8; 1500 bhp/ 1118 kW; only abt 4000 running hours since last major overhaul
Generators: 1 x 597 kva, 1 x 180 kva
Bow thruster: Brunvoll 200 bhp
Stern thruster: Brunvoll 200 bhp
Service speed abt: 10 kn on abt 3-3.5 ts/day, abt 13 kn on abt 5 ts/day.
Tank capacities cbm: Fuel 117 FW 44
Osmosis water production.
Refrigerator plant.
In August/September 2020 vessel went through intermediate class works and other works including:
-repairing of lower keel
-tail shaft and rudder were drawn
-all tanks (except two diesel tanks) were cleaned
-steel renewed in forepeak transverse bulkhead
-bottom painted and new zinc added
-sides grounded down and painted
-aft deck/winch room and all storerooms/workshop were upgraded
-lifeboat davit and lifeboat now replaced with more suitable and smaller mob-boat and A-frame davit
Vessel reported to be in good condition
Inspection and delivery in North Norway
Full details here

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