Passenger ships

Updated 2018-10-26

Direct clients are ready to purchase two
Type: Conventional RoRo day passenger ship. Cabins only for crew
Ship 1
Loa: 85-100 m
Beam: 14-16 m
Built: 1985-1995
Day passengers: 700-900
Car space: 200 minimum

Ship 2
Loa: 115-135 m
Beam: 19-23 m
Built: 1985-1995
Day passengers minimum: 1000-1200
Car space: 300 minimum

Car decks: 2
Ramps: Preferably both ends, but try aft only
Class: Preferably IACS
Speed: Minimum 18 knots
Inspection and delivery Mediterranean area
Can consider vessels with expired certificates but that has not been laid up for ”years” and are in decent condition
Both needed soonest

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