Bunker Convention Info

The Bunkers Convention, 2001

The Bunkers Convention establishes strict liability on the shipowner for preventive measures and pollution damage arising from all types of oil used in the operation or propulsion of ships.

The Convention applies to any ship having a Gross Tonnage greater than 1,000. It requires all registered owners of vessels entering or leaving a port or terminal in the territory of a Party to maintain insurance, certified by State Party to the Convention.

The Convention introduces a provision that entitles claimants to claim directly from the owner’s insurer or enter into litigation proceedings against both the owner and/or insurer.

The Convention applies exclusively to pollution damage caused in the territory, including the territorial sea, and the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) of a State Party, and preventive measures, wherever taken, to prevent or minimize such damage.

Ships registered in a State which is not party to the Convention, must obtain State-issued certificate from a State Party to the Convention.

Cook Islands is a State Party and can issue Certificates to ships which are not registered under the Cook Islands Flag.

Countries party to the International Convention on Civil Liability for Bunker Oil Pollution Damage, 2001.

Cook Islands cannot issue Bunker certificates for vessels registered in the below countries:

Albania                                                                            Luxembourg

Antigua & Barbados                                                       Macao, China

Australia                                                                          Malaysia

Austria                                                                             Malta

Azerbaijan                                                                       Marshall Islands

Bahamas                                                                        Mauritius

Barbados                                                                        Mongolia

Belgium                                                                           Montenegro

Belize                                                                              Morocco

British Virgin Islands                                                       Netherlands

Bulgaria                                                                           New Zealand

Canada                                                                           Nicaragua

China                                                                              Nigeria


Congo                                                                             Norway

Croatia                                                                            Palau

Cyprus                                                                            Panama

Czech Republic                                                              Poland

Czech Republic                                                              Republic of Korea

Dem. People Rep Korea                                               Romania

Denmark                                                                         Russian Federation

Egypt                                                                              Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Estonia                                                                            Samoa

Ethiopia                                                                           Serbia

Finland                                                                            Sierra Leone

France                                                                            Singapore

Germany                                                                        Slovakia

Greece                                                                            Slovenia

Hungary                                                                          Spain

Indonesia                                                                        St. Kitts and Nevis

Ireland                                                                             Sweden

Islamic Republic of Iran                                                 Switzerland

Italy                                                                                 Syrian Arab Republic

Ivory Coast (Côte D’Ivoire)                                            Togo

Jamaica                                                                          Tonga

Jordan                                                                             Tunisia

Kiribati                                                                             Turkey

Latvia                                                                              Tuvalu

Liberia                                                                             United Kingdom

Lithuania                                                                         Vanuatu

Viet nam

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